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Announcement of 1st round EPS-TOPIK passers of  Point Systemresult

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2nd Round Details


Implementation of the 2nd round of

Test of Point System

Passers at the first round of test will get a chance to take the second round of test which are skills test, competency test, EPS-TOPIK and the scores of these tests will add up which will be the base for the recruitment. For competency test, one who got no experiences, certificates or diploma, job training wont have to submit any documents. However it is a must candidates take the skills test and the one who is not registered and didnt take the test will be eliminated in the roster.

n  Register skills test & submit documents for competency test

  1. Register skills test : The first round passers are registered automatically
  2. Documents needed for the competency test

Points distribution for competency test: Total 5 pts

Who needs to submit documents: The one who passed EPS-TOPIK and have relevant job experiences and certificates, academic background, vocational training completion of what he/she is applying for.

No need to submit any documents if theres none.

Date of Registration : Jun. 11~Jun13, 2018for 3 days

※ Registration Hours : 08:00~14:00

Place: OEC Head Office, Islamabad

How: by visiting

Items to prepare: Passport, Examinees admission ticket(KLT)

Registration fee: Free

Documents needed: One can download the application form at the OEC web page

- Relevant experiences:One should get an Employment verification  from the company one is not in anymore (for each one), One can use for the verification of the documents. If it is hard to get any documents that can verify your employment history from the company due to shut down, bankruptcy, or private employment. One can make his/her own form of paper with two other persons sign on it.(attach a contract)

- Training course relevant to the industry one is applying for: certificate(copy) itself and applicants must submit original certificate when they attend the test of 2nd round.

- College (university) Graduation relevant to the industry one is applying for: certificate(copy) itself and applicants must submit original certificate when they attend the test of 2nd round.

- Certificates: certificate(copy) itself and applicants must submit original certificate when they attend the test of 2nd round (issued by Country or Governmental organization)

Documents will be examined three times in the process of competency test and if it is proven to be falsified in any way, test he/she has already taken is void and one can’t take the exam for 3 years.(one who haven’t been truthful with the documents could possibly see the consequence).

n  Announcement of Test venue & date

Announcement date: July11, 2018

Find the time & location at: OEC website www.oec.gov.pk

Date of the skills test(planned): July18~July 23,2018for 6 days

To help you understand your Skills test scores, scoring guide will be posted.

n  Implementation of Skills test

Date of the skills test(planned): July. 18~July 23,2018for 6 days



Duration of the exam


08:30 09:00

09:00 12:00


12:30 13:00

13:00 16:00

You cannot reschedule your test date & venue and please remind that the person who arrives later than stated time will not be able to take the test.

Documents submitted for the competency test will be verified again when interviewing for skills test. If document is proven to be falsified, test will be null and void and person will not be able to take the test for 3 years. (Person will be reported to the authorities)

nResult notifications

Date: August 3, 2018(Fri)

- View your test scores online: Access EPS homepage (supports multi language) and create your account to view your test scores

- Valid period of the results: 2 years from the date of the announcement

(August. 3, 2018 ~August. 2, 2020)

nComposition of the 2nd round of test





Skills test

Competency test(Adding Points)



One who completed vocational training course


College graduation

One who has government issued certificates









Skills Test: Three parts ( Physical strength, experiences & interview, Basic skills) constitute the test.

- Basic Skills Test: As the new tasks has been added to test one’s competency, candidates will select the sub category of each industry they were applying for.

· Manufacturing: Select one of categories as assemble, measures, join

- Physical Test: Physical examination on finger, disk, and color blindness will primarily be tested during the course of skills test.

Even if one with color blind took the test, the test will be null and void.

Score distribution


(Skills test)

Total score

Skills test

Physical strength


Basic skills






n  Things to be aware of

  1. Test date and venue for each applicant will be announced on July11, 2018 and please refer to the announcement on the date.
  2. You cannot change the designated test date and venue and no one is allowed to enter the venue after the designated entry time. No admittance to anyone arrives after the designated entry time.
  3. No admittance to anyone did not bring their Passport.
  4. If one haven’t chosen the sub category, it will randomly be chosen.
  5. We recommend you to pay special attention to your safety during the test. You are entirely responsible for any accidents caused by your negligence.
  6. The tools and equipment for the test will be prepared at the venue, so it is not required for applicant to bring any tools or equipment (except for a Passport and an admission ticket).
  7. It is recommended to wear comfortable and neat clothes that cause no inconvenience in the Skills Test.
  8. You will get zero point in case of cheating during the test. Dishonesty act includes, but not limited to cheating on an exam. Failure to maintain integrity on an exam will result in a loss of test taking chance for 3 years.
  9. Please check the contents of the Task Instructions, announced with this, and prepare to get good result from the test. 

- Relevant documents for competency test will be verified three times in the process of test period. If the documents submitted are proven to be falsified, test will be null and void and the person cant apply for EPS-TOPIK for 3 years.


Documents for competency test

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